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A Travel Insurance Website

A Travel Insurance Website lets you get great value online quotes for a variety of different types of travel insurance.

Whether you need budget single trip cover for your next holiday, cheap year round annual multi trip protection, low cost insurance for a long stay abroad, or a backpackers worldwide adventure policy for that trip of a lifetime, this site can help you find the cheapest and most suitable policy for your needs. All annual multi-trip policies automatically include additional cover for winter sports activites such as skiing and snowboarding.

To get an instant online quote please click the button below:

The cover available on this site is exremely flexible - by removing cover for things you don't need, your premium will be greatly reduced. There are four geographical areas from which you can choose:

  • UK only
  • Europe and the UK
  • Australasia, Europe and the UK
  • Worldwide, Australasia, Europe and the UK

With the latter two options, you can also choose whether your policy includes trips to the USA and Canada. With all policies you can also choose to either double or waive the standard level of excess on your policy, thereby either reducing or increasing your prmium, respectively. A final way to save money is by taking out a family policy which gives cover for 2 adults accompanied by up to 3 children per adult under the age of 17.

We are confident that these quotes will provide you with among the cheapest cover on offer anywhere in the UK - without any compromise on quality. However, you can are free to get more quotations from other websites, companies and brokers, some of which can be found by clicking the link on the upper right hand navigation panel. Use the lower right hand navigation panel to access other sites in this network.

NB: To use the quotation system, you must have at least a version 4 Netscape or IE browser.

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